Difficulty: Medium Altitude: 2187msnm
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Juan Castro Blanco National Park of the Water

Full day tour, where we will travel for approximately 1:40 hrs until we reach the park entrance.
From there we will enter the Park trail, a tropical cloud forest, we will walk through the forest and pastures until we reach the Emerald Green Lagoon, at the end we will enjoy lunch, we have a certified naturalist guide.

About the National Park

This protected wilderness area has water resources of great importance for the northern zone, both for human consumption, the generation of hydroelectric power and for industrial consumption. The Platanar, Toro, Aguas Zarcas, Tres Amigos and La Vieja rivers, among others, are born here. It protects areas of primary forest within five life zones with important species of flora and fauna.

Fauna and Flora

 The vegetation of the area is very varied and diverse. Approximately 60% of the park is covered by primary forest interspersed with patches of regenerating forest. These forests are presented in five life zones according to the Holdridge classification: premontane rain forest transition to perhumid, low montane rain forest transition to very humid, very humid premontane transition rain forest, lower montane rain forest and pre-montane rain forest.

Among the most outstanding species are the oak, the quizarrá. In the high parts there is a stunted vegetation covered with a large number of epiphytic plants, characteristic of cold, windy and humid microclimates.

Within the fauna, bird species such as the quetzal, the pavón, the black turkey, the chachalaca stand out; mammals such as the mountain goat, two species of monkeys, the armadillo, the tepescuintle, the tapir and several species of felines.

Prices: $93 Children, $130 Adults (All taxes included)

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