La Fortuna’s Waterfall

The Fortuna Waterfall is located in a biological reserve with an area of 210 hectares, of premontane transitional humid tropical forest, is part of the Arenal Volcano National Park and is located 520 meters above sea level, where the springs of our mountains and the waters of the Fortuna River. Within this sector is the Cerro de los Perdidos, the Placas de Mayo and the Cerro Chato, which are supported by rocky bases of great geological value, originating in turn an exuberant vegetation and scenic beauty.

A short walk is required, in the middle of a tropical rain forest. There are approximately 530 steps or steps to get to enjoy a wonderful work of nature. With a height of more than 70 meters and crystal clear waters, in which during the stay in this place you can enjoy nature and swim in the river next to the waterfall.

Once in front of the Waterfall, you will find a wide and comfortable viewpoint from which you will be able to freeze your memories through unpublished and unique photographs, and finally you will be able to take a refreshing swim in the crystal clear waters of the Fortuna River and with a unique witness.

La Fortuna’s waterfall

Where is it located?