Turtle Spawning at Ostional beach – 2022

At Ostional Beach, located at the Nicoya peninsula, Guanacaste, there is one that provides protection mainly to the Kemp’s ridley turtle (Lepidochelys Kempii) in which thousands of sea turtles arrive simultaneously. This arrival occurs mainly between the months of August to December, and precisely at the end of October the second most important massive arrival usually occurs. It is a great mystery how so many thousands of turtles agree at the same time to arrive at the same beach, on some occasions up to 100,000 females have been counted in a few days.

Go Around Costa Rica – 2021

Since August 2022, a large number of turtles have been reported arriving at said beach. We have had the opportunity to visit the area and obtain these beautiful photographs to share.

We hope that many people will be able to visit this area during the next few weeks to enjoy this wonderful and unique show. That is, in a responsible way, without disturbing the animals in this natural process.



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